Saturday, July 19, 2008

my dream bike....

Well now into the best part of me.. Relationship between me and bikes. It all started whn i was in my tenth standard , i started riding my fathers kawasaki 4s bike. It was not a powerful bike but i managed to do bit of wheelies at that time..  
But the real part came into me whn i went to coimbatore to my cousins home. My cousin had a yamaha rx135, and this i where i learnt the art of biking very well.
It gave me the confidence to ride ant bike and changed my driving style a lot.

I used to go to coll by cycle till 6 th semester , This was when my father got a transfer to pondy and his old bike came into my control. It was a 2004 yamaha libero with 107 cc displacement. not the greatest bike for a bike enthu like me.

But the bike has helped me to touch 100kmph mark in the early moths, but slowly the bike lost it charm and now it vibrates at post 80 that i hate putting pressure to the engine more than 80 kmph.  

But about my dream bike, i want a bike which can easily cross 100kmph, which doesnt skid under vigorous braking, has good cornering and handling.  and i need a bike which is not less than 150 cc displacement.

Well i fell in love with this beast called as apache RTR.. well it has been a unfulfilled dream to me till now. My parents refused to get me own. Now i am going to work for a MNC, so the first thing i will do out of ma salary will be getting myself this beast.

well i am not a professional racer. But still i am good at riding bikes and i think i deserve to ride a RTR.....

My college life....

welll  i just dont have words to express my thoughts out here....

I did my graduation  BE Production engg in st peter's engg college, chennai.

Well many know the coll is not  that best ones in chennai. But for me it is the best .

It changed me from a nothing to something.

In my school days i wasnt confident in anything. i was not good in english, my marks were always poor. I uesd to be the bad exapmple for those people who were said to be good..  

This is what made me do bad in my 12th board and i got just 87% . where as people manage to score as high as 98%.  I dont know hw those guys mangae that..

Well back to my coll life. The first day was august 27 ,2004.  We had a orientation program for about a week. The first day i met a person and he turned out to be my closest friend in coll and even now.. he is the only person whom i call evryday.. Well and ya his name is Daya.

He was sitting next to me and we became frnds really quick.. and the imp thing is we have never had a single fight between us till today... we understand each other very well..

after the first week i was put in the mechanical class.. we were abt 70 guys and had the greatest fun of our life..!!!

then came second sem.. I still remember the first day when few people from mech came to me and said " jana i am going to miss u"..

Second semester wasnt that great for me .. I got my only arrear in engg in 2nd sem.. The paper was engg mechanics..
Time flew very fast . semesters flew ayay like hours. I still cant believe i have finished my degree, and i am here writing this one...

I spent my other six semesters in my dept. well the class strength was 40 , but it kept decreasin slowly . We were 36 in out final sem.

As i hve mentioned it was the best period in my life. i was appointed as the class rep.. well i havent done anything use ful for the class except arranging them iv's to pondychery..

yes those Iv's were just unforgatable.. we enjoyed to the core.... it was fun , enjoyable and wat not..???

then we did our symposium ebulientz 07 - i was in charge of the non technical events... And i hope i did a good job. this is when i found i have transformed a lot.. From a shy, with no good dress sense, moody type of person to a talkative friendly, confident person . and many people have commented about my change inthe way of dressing..

i Owe all these to my coll... I cant forget the tree under which we spent most of our hours in coll... it was a heaven ..  

the tree would be the first place my legs will take me as soon as i enter my coll everytime..  

Then came the last day.. many people had tears and they were hugging me saying bye jana... it was surprising i never cried but may be after ten years there will be tears in my eyes if i see this heaven again..

i Miss my coll life... my frnds... life will never be as joyful as it was in St peter's...

To be continued........

First day into blogging

Well all these days i felt why should i do this blogging stuff...

But today i have decided i must do this.. after all its the best way to express myself.

My english has always been, but this is a time to test my writing skills.. well wat can i write abt ?

anything right..??  yes i can do that.  

welll expect more from me.. have to think abt wat to write in here...