Sunday, September 20, 2009

Karizma ZMR

guys now back to business . Lets do a pictorial reviwew of the brand new karizma - ZMR .
To be frank i have never been a fan of the HH guys. Their designing has never been something to take home about ,and this just repeats again in this case too. The new bike has a new fairing and thats the only thing new on this bike adding too that is the new digital console which looks great and new. I havent seen something like this in indian bikes , it looks like having a digital RPM indicator too . Well to be frank i really like the console it just looks awesome.
The rear looks to be taken out from the cbz extreme , the bike looks like made out of three diff parts. firstly the new fairing , the existing karizma R body panels and the cbz extreme's rear with the hunks GRS suspesion. Come on HH you can do better than this. And for heaven sake stop doing this stickering works on your bikes. It just doesnt make any sense launching the same bike with same engine with diff stickerings. Well in this case we have the same old karizma engine with PGMFI , it does look to have a liquid cooling system. Wow thats some news.. The rear tyre seems to be the same from the old Karizma,well thats not a great thing either.

The front visor looks like the one in GSR 150 or am i feeling that way . well i am not sure. looking at the specs doesnt impress me either .
223 cc mill with pgmfi ,
liquid cooled engine (i guess),
and 17.6 ps i heard..
i am not sure abt the torque

but the specs aint impressive and with 95k on road things dont look good. Well i may go wrong in my judgement because Indian customers are crazy . They buy stupid bikes and let good bikes go down the ditch.
Do look out for for my apache RTR fi ownership expereince ... later

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sachin said...

The ZMR has undergone many changes when compared with its prior model, Karizma-R. Both the wheels are having Disk brakes. The Kick start option has been deceased and is only available in "self start". The old Air-cooled engine has been replaced with the Oil-cooled engine. Finally, this lead to the increase in the weight of the bike.
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