Monday, September 21, 2009

Pulsar 180 2009 UG4 test drive

I rode this bike long back when i was in mysore , courtesy - my friend vaisakh :) . He was the first guy to get this bike in mysore and it was a black one.
The bike looks like the 200 and in ways better than that too. It doesnt have the oil cooler unit of 200 . This bike has a beefy rear tyre and come Sans kick start, it has rear set foot pegs to get a sporty riding position. Pulsar bikes have a posh ride and this is the same in this nike too.
Well now coming to the ride. It was like 2 km distance. And at first i was riding the bike real bad.
wasnt riding it smooth by any chance, after some metres i got used to the bike and to say the truth it was really good. The bike had good road grip thanks to the bulky rear tyres. The pick was good enough , but the only thing was the engine. I really felt its roughness . it wasnt smooth or may be i wasnt riding it that way. The torque has been reduced from the previous version and that has been the thing many have been discussing about.But i could not feel a big deal of difference in this case.
Well finally i can say this bike is a real competition for the Apache Rtr 180. Neverthless all magazines have judged Rtr as the better one. Well i would say its ur choice because this bike is not going to go down without a real fight .
later guys ....

Length: 2035 mm
Height: 1115 mm
Weight: 143 kg
Ground clearance: 165mm
Wheelbase: 1345 mm
Engine type: four stroke, air-cooled, DTS-i
Displacement: 178.6 cc
Bore: 63.5 mm
Stroke: 56.4 mm
Valvetrain: SOHC, 2 valves per cylinder.
Comp ratio: 9.5:1
Carburettor: UCD 29
Max power: 17.02 PS @8500 rpm
Max torque: 14.22 Nm@ 6500 rpm
Power to weight: 119.02 PS/ton
Fuel tank capacity: 15 liters

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