Monday, September 21, 2009

My RTR fi part -1

hello folks ,

As this is my own bike i thought i would share abt this in more detail to u guys. :) . I got this bike on june 9 th 2009. So its almost 4 months old, and the experience i had with this has been mind blowing.


Well will i have to comment about this. You guys know better anyday. But still i was in a huge confusion of whether to gor for RTR Fi or the yamaha FZ -S, atlast i decided i would go for the RTR for its looks and yes it has been my dream machine right from college days. And to say the bike looks stunning in any angle, the tank scoops do add to a great road presence and the bike looks majestic from the pilot seat ;-) . The racing strip is different from the carburattor version and this makes the bike even more unique.

more later guys .

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